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The Next Smart Way in Making Laundry Work For You in 2021

 Laundry in 2021
The Next Smart Way in Making Laundry Work For You in 2021

The Next Smart Way in Making Laundry Work for You in 2021

Doing laundry is a tedious but necessary chore in modern society. Several new washer and dryer models provide complete automation that makes your life a whole lot easier. While washing your dirty clothes at home seems like an ideal solution, not many can afford that luxury. So, you may be taking some time out to visit your local laundromat.

You set a date, clear your schedule, beat the traffic, and arrive at the place with a bag full of soiled clothes, only to see that the machines are occupied.

The process of going to the dry cleaners is an entirely different hassle - they may be outside of your daily route, and when you leave your clothes there, they may go missing.

Even if that’s not the case, the washing method at home involves you sacrificing valuable hours in sorting through the used garments, soaking, washing, drying, and then folding your laundry. You can save this precious time from getting wasted with a smart solution to doing laundry.

Use Hamperapp to schedule doorstep pickup and drop from a laundromat near me.

How the new normal has changed the way we view laundry

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how people live, work, or spend their time. While the world adjusts to the new circumstances, with social distancing practices and emphasis on sanitation, many sectors, including the laundry industry, are transforming their business approach.

Laundromat customers are well-aware of the recommended health standards and hygiene protocols. Particularly in a business segment that focuses on keeping things clean, people trust dry cleaners that are up to the standards. These include cleaning the restrooms, visitor's lounge, and sanitizing the equipment.

A majority of the population would like to remove themselves from public spaces until it is completely safe. As a result, the use of smart technology rose. Whether it is groceries or food delivery, or the rise of the OTT platforms, digital seems to be the way to go.

A shift to the digital approach was inevitable from coin shortage to contactless services and remote monitoring of laundromat users’ needs. Going into 2021, this trend is likely here to stay, and the benefits you reap are plentiful. 

Freedom from doing laundry

Whether you are waiting to get your clothes picked up from the dry cleaners or have a pile of clothes that need washing, on-demand laundry services are a big convenience. Save a lot of money on gas and the trouble of wading through busy roads in rush hour.

You get complete freedom from this gruesome chore and have several advantages, including:

1.    Convenience

No matter how closely you look for dry cleaners near me, it is, in most cases, an inconvenience to stand in a line to wait for your clothes. With a wash and fold laundry service, you can get your weekly laundry done comfortably while going on with your daily routine. Whether you have planned a whirlwind weekend of adventure or prepare for an important meeting, this saved time can be a massive benefit.

2.    Cost-effective

When there is no designated area for laundry at your residence, you can use it for other essential spaces. Besides, the installation of a bulky washer and dryer can be expensive. Using an online app to get a laundromat near me to pick up and deliver laundry is more cost-effective in the bigger picture. You can get significant savings on utilities, supplies, or repairs, which you can put to use in some other ways.

3.    Speed

Professional laundry businesses wash batches of clothes in a fraction of the time taken by your home washing and drying machine. These services use commercial-size washers and dryers that carry more loads, use more powerful cleaning agents, and achieve precision. Laundromats have many machines at their disposal, so even if one is put on hold due to repairs, there is no risk of halting the process.

4.    A thorough clean

The pickup service from a laundromat near me offers the utmost professionalism and hygiene in handling your clothes. You may notice this when your whites appear whiter and brights brighter. The reason is the dry cleaners, and laundry businesses hire highly trained staff with years of experience. They know the best practices to follow to make your clones shine.

5.    Environmentally friendly

Your local laundry business mostly uses commercial-grade cleaners to treat stubborn stains and leave the clothes smelling fresh, like a meadow. They use the right cleaning solutions for different fabrics and solutions that are safe for your clothes. Since high-powered dryers and giant washing machines take more clothes at once, the number of loads also decreases. So, they use less water and are environmentally-friendly.

6.    One app for all services

Laundry business pickup and drop services can get your clothes washed, dry cleaned, pressed, and folded before they get dropped off at your home. So, you don’t need to visit multiple vendors for all three tasks. Hammerapp allows you to find the service you want with a touch or swipe of your phone. Just click a laundromat near me or dry cleaners near me, and get it done in no time.

How does a laundromat pickup and delivery service work?

  1. Use our Android or iOS app to simply schedule a laundry pickup.

  2. Call us to order or fill out a form.

  3. Make an online payment or pay in cash upon doorstep delivery.

  4. Get your laundry washed, dried, folded, and delivered at the requested time.

Hammerapp Services

When you look up the best laundromat near me, chances are, you find the search results as Hammerapp, and for good reasons. We are a one-stop-shop for all your laundry needs, including:

Commercial Laundry Service

Commercial establishments like hotels, gyms, spas, or medical facilities must keep their spaces clean all the time. It is not just a matter-of-fact chore, but their reputation and business hang on these crucial things.

Mats, towels, linens, scrubs, or uniforms - get them cleaned with 24*7 scheduling. Our commercial laundry service offers free pickup and delivery every day of the week. Get the laundry stored, sorted, washed, dried, and folded.

Wash and Fold Service

Our wash and fold service is the ultimate everyday laundry solution in your location. When you are pressed for time, wash and fold come to your rescue as you get clean, folded, and fresh clothes on a hanger. For your delicates, we have a hang dry option.

If you are a new customer, just pack your dirty clothes in a pillowcase or any bag. Receive our free Hammerapp laundromat bag when we deliver your garments.

Dry Cleaners near me

Get the best turnaround times with our dry cleaning service, no matter how hard the stains are. We dry the garments separately in gas dryers, on medium heat. We take care of your laundry as it were our own and look closely for broken buttons, tears, etc., and fix it.

While the standard delivery time for our dry cleaners is 24 hours, we can get them back to you the same day with a small extra fee.

For more oversized laundry items like your bedroom set, we use the best fit machine to accommodate the load. We also provide high-quality Airbnb cleaning and maid service for short-term rentals.

Why choose Hammerapp?

Hammerapp provides service in various parts of the country, making laundry pickup and delivery a breeze. We have partnered with the best laundromats in several places to make it easy for our customers to access dry cleaners near me.

Using our app, you can manage your account, make payments, access history, or change your smartphone settings. With our subscription plan, set up your account once, with your preferences, and we take care of the regular pickup and delivery schedules.

Hammerapp has plenty of promotional offers like free laundry on referrals, same-day delivery, etc. We keep our customers’ needs in mind and use eco-friendly detergents to avoid allergic reactions.

With our service, you get:

Simple booking: Visit our website, download the app, or contact us to place an order. From your smartphone, you can create your account and enter the details of your laundry. Once you confirm the pickup time, our attendant will collect the laundry.

Professional service: With more than a decade of experience in handling commercial linen services, we guarantee our customers' satisfaction. From the pickup and delivery attendants to the laundromat professionals, we follow the highest standards.

Save time by scheduling pick up from the best laundromat near me

When it is time to go to the dry cleaners and need a faster and more efficient way, look no further than Hammerapp. Schedule your laundry pickup online and utilize our pickup and delivery laundry service to get the clothes washed, dried, pressed, and folded by the next day.

Our laundromat also works round the clock; so, you can place your order on the website. If you want to know how our service works, our professional team is happy to assist. Call us now and save time to do the things you enjoy.

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