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Looking for a high-quality dry cleaning service? We are here for you! From dirty and wrinkled to clean, pressed, and hanged. Our process includes following each label and taking care of every piece you trust us. Just sit down and relax, we do the rest.


What is Hamperapp Dry Cleaning Service?

  • We will provide Eco High-quality Dry Cleaning Service.  

  • We will inspect your garment from stain, broken buttons & unknow garment and will fix it for you.

  • We will Pick up your dry cleaning items even always on time.

  • Best affordable dry cleaning services with the best turn around time.

Hamperapp Pricing  vs Local
laundry shirt dry cleaner

Laundry Shirt


Dry cleaner shirt

Dry Cleaner Shirt


2 piece suit dry cleaning

2-Piece Dress / Skirt Suit


2 piece dress dry cleaning

2-Piece Dress Suit


blouse dry cleaner



plain dress dry cleaner

Plain Dress


skirt dry cleaner



t shirt dry cleaning

Polo / T-shirt


pants dry cleaning

Pants/ Jeans


scarf dry cleaning

Scarf/ Shawl


short dry cleaning



vest dry cleaning



*Free Delivery

*Service charge 10%

Dry Cleaners Delivery Service Fee?

Standard  Delivery 24hrs Turn around


Same Day  Delivery
Less 24hrs turn around

25% + Extra on Total

Frequently asked questions

How much does Dry Cleaning cost?

Dry Cleaning cost depends on the item you are sending for dry cleaning. Prices range from $3.19 up to $59.99.

What does Dry Cleaning mean?

Dry cleaning means Hamperapp, Dry cleaning is a process that uses liquids other than water to clean clothes. A spotter will focus on each clothing item to remove any stain, after cleaning it your item will get ironed or steamed.

Do dry cleaners actually clean your clothes?

YES, Dry cleaning actually cleans stains and it helps your garment to maintain your clothes looking brand new.

Is dry cleaning safe for your health?

Hamperapp only uses eco-friendly products for its DRY CLEANING service.

Can I dry clean at home?

No, You can steam or wash some items, but actually dry cleaning is not possible.

What happens if you wash dry clean only?

If you decide to wash your garment, instead of sending it for dry cleaning, Hamperapp recommends following the introduction of the label Tag.

Why is dry cleaning expensive?

Dry cleaning is not expensive if you consider the service and taking care of your item. Usually using this service saves the item's quality and removes the stain that can’t be removed in a regular wash.

How often should I dry clean a suit?

Dry cleaning your suit should be depending on the use of the suit. Usually for regular use. Example: work we recommend to send your suit after 2-3 times of use.

Is dry cleaning better than washing?

First thing first - there cannot be any comparison between dry cleaning and washing. Washing is better for regular clothes, especially the cotton ones. On the other hand, dry cleaning is ideal for woolen or delicate fabric. It’s not always possible to opt for dry cleaning for everyday clothes as it is more pricey than washing. Regular wash could cause a mix of colors and an incorrect way of washing your items.

Do we offer Dry cleaning service for hotels?

Hamperapp offers Dry cleaning service for hotels guest or Airbnb guests. We offer a fast turn around for those unexpected times.

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