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Miami Laundromat Services: We'll Keep You Looking Fresh!

You would think with all of the time we've spent at home during the pandemic, we would all have more free time on our hands. But more often it seems it's exactly the opposite.

Did you know, 48 percent of Americans consider themselves "workaholics?" In addition, 66 percent of American workers admit they lack a sustainable work-life balance.

It seems like no matter what we do, we're always getting busier. We can't go on like this.

Maybe what we need is a little help with the more mundane tasks that eat up so much of our time.

You know what? You don't have to allow the stress of doing laundry to keep you from spending time doing the things that are truly important in your life. Laundromat services will take care of it for you.

And now, getting your laundry done can be as easy as clicking a button!

You're about to meet the laundromat service that's going to change your life. It's called Hamperapp!

Hamperapp is the simplest and most affordable on-demand laundry service in Miami.

But wait, there's more!

Hamperapp Does More Than Laundry

Hamperapp connects you to the best laundromats in Miami. Not all laundry service in Miami is created equal. Hamperapp makes sure you get the best quality services at the lowest possible cost.

At Hamperapp, they don't just specialize in Wash and Fold services like their competitors. Hamperapp also offers unbeatable dry cleaning, commercial laundry, and Airbnb laundry services.

Wash & Fold

Hamperapp's wash and fold Miami service will go above and beyond.

They always pick up and drop off at the time you schedule. You get to decide what pick-up and drop-off times are most convenient for you.

They guarantee they will wash your clothing and other items separately from any other client's laundry. No need to worry about your belongings mixing with someone else's. They don't do that here.

Another wonderful feature is that they separate your lights, darks, and whites so you don't have to. Just throw everything in a bag and you're ready to go.

If you're extra concerned about bacteria on your clothing these days, you won't need to worry with Hamperapp. If you aren't satisfied with the cleanliness of your clothes when you get them back, Hamperapp will wash them again - free of charge!

Dry Cleaning

Hamperapp provides high-quality eco-friendly dry cleaning services. They pay close attention to every tag and washing instruction. They make sure to inspect every garment for stains and spills.

Here's a service I've never heard of a laundromat providing before. If Hamperapp finds a broken button on one of your garments, they will even fix it for you! Now that's what I call a full-service laundry service.

Of course, Hamperapp provides the best and most affordable dry cleaning services with the fastest turnaround times. Guaranteed.

Commercial Laundry Service

Hamperapp is proud to offer its laundry services to a broad variety of industries. If you work for or own a business in the hospitality industry, this could be a huge help and time-saver for you.

The commercial laundry services Hamperapp offers include:

  • Towel laundry services

  • Restaurant laundry services

  • Facility laundry services

  • Uniform cleaning

  • Hotel laundry services

  • Medical laundry services

They strive to keep their commercial laundry service costs as low as possible. You can have your commercial laundry professionally cleaned for as low as 65 cents per pound with Hamperapp.

Hamperapp is the leader in commercial linen services serving all of South Florida since 2017.


Whether you have one Airbnb rental property or fifty of them, you know how much time managing those properties requires. At Hamperapp, they know the purpose of an Airbnb rental is to bring in some extra money, not to take up all of your spare time.

You're probably working a regular job as well. Managing a rental on top of that job as well as all of the other parts of your life can be overwhelming. Hamperapp's Airbnb cleaning service will make sure you have the energy to do what matters most to you.

Hamperapp offers more than the best quality laundry service. They also provide professional cleaning services for Airbnb.

When they say cleaning, they don't just mean a bit of light dusting. These professional cleaners will deep clean every corner of your Airbnb. Their goal is to make sure your property feels clean and welcoming so you can keep your five-star rating.

Laundry Item Service

Hamperapp also provides specialized laundry services for your household items.

Do you need to wash your bedroom set? Maybe your curtains are getting noticeably dusty, but you're afraid they'll overwhelm your washer and dryer.

Well, Hamperapp has extra-large capacity machines. They'll match the size of any specialty laundry item to the perfect-fitting washing and drying machines. Now you don't have to worry about how to clean your oversized laundry items.

Do you hate it when you take your bed sheets or comforter out of the dryer and they're still not dry? Does it still happen the third time you've run the load? Hamperapp promises never to return your large laundry items unless they are completely dry.

Are Hamperapp's Services Affordable?

Maybe you're still debating between the cost of doing laundry at home and taking your clothing to a laundromat. Either way, you're losing money and you're losing time. Taking your laundry to a laundromat can cost upwards of $25 each time.

Doing our laundry at home doesn't save you much money or time in the end either. Especially if your washer or dryer breaks down after their warranties are up.

Hamperapp provides professional pick-up and delivery laundry service at the lowest price in Southern Florida. Guaranteed!

They don't charge any delivery fee at all. Your laundry delivery is entirely free.

How Hamperapp Works

The best part about Hamerapp is that it's simple and convenient. Like really, really simple.

No more doing load after endless load of laundry because you've been busy and waited two weeks (or a month and a half) to take care of basic household chores.

No more wandering around your home collecting every last scrap of laundry just to put in a load and find your favorite shirt stuck far in the deep, dark cavern underneath your bed.

No more doing laundry of any kind, ever again. Doing your own laundry is behind you now. You're on to bigger and better things!

The point is, whatever you have going on in your life, doing laundry just got a heck of a lot simpler.

Why? Because there are only three steps to doing your laundry with Hamperapp.

1. Download the app. To place your first order, all you need to do is download Hamperapp, register, and set up your account preferences.

2. Schedule your pick-up time. Select the laundry service you want. Choose from between the wash & fold, dry cleaning, commercial laundry, and laundry items services. Then, you get to choose the pick-up & drop-off times that are most convenient for you.

3. Enjoy your fresh clothes. Your clothes will be returned to you fresh, clean, and folded exactly at the time you requested.

That's all there is to it! Laundry couldn't be easier! You're saving time already.

What Areas Does Hamperapp Service?

Hamperapp services all of Southern Florida. From Miami Dade County, Broward County, West Palm Beach County, Walton County, to Sacramento County.

In case you have any doubt about getting service to your area, here is a list of all the cities Hamperapp currently services in Southern Florida:

  • Miami

  • Downtown Miami

  • Brickell

  • West Palm Beach

  • South Miami

  • Pompano Beach

  • Coral Gables

  • Miramar

  • Hialeah

  • Doral

  • Hallandale Beach

  • Pinecrest

  • Wynnwood

For a complete listing of the cities Hamperapp services, all you need to do is visit their website.

Why Is Hamperapp Better Than Regular Laundromat Services?

At Hamperapp, they make sure your clothes and other textiles are handled with the utmost care. Your laundry will look and smell unbelievably fresh and clean by the time you get them back.

The best part? You don't need to bring your laundry in or pick it up! Their skilled, reliable Hamperapp drivers do all of the transporting for you!

With Hamperapp, you'll save time and money and your laundry will get washed by the best laundry professionals in the business.

You'll get 24/7 laundry service that only takes a few clicks with our subscription service plan. You'll also have complete control over your payment.

Hamperapp is proud to provide environmentally responsible laundromat services. Keeping the planet safe is very important to them, so they only work with eco-friendly, cruelty-free products. They also recycle any container or bag that we can.

What could be better? It takes a huge weight off of your mind knowing your laundry is not only done well but done in a way that is respectful of the planet.

Try Hamperapp Free

What are you waiting for? Try the best Miami laundromat services free today by downloading Hamperapp.

Or call (412) WASH-NOW to schedule your first pick-up. Start making your life easier right away.

If you sign up right now, you could even get a total of $30 off your first three loads! Hurry and get the deal before it's gone!

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