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Wash and Fold near me

Do you need to do laundry today? We are the perfect laundry app in your area! Select the best Rate it app for wash & fold service. Never do laundry again; let Hamperapp be your favorite app on your phone and enjoy the rest of the day.

wash and fold near me

What is Hamperapp Wash & Fold Service?

  • We will pick up and drop off on time.

  • We will separate your light, dark & whites. So don't worry.

  • We will never wash your clothes with other client's clothes.

  • Will wash your clothes again, if you are not satisfied.

Choose per pound, or Subscribe to us?

Wash and fold 

Subscribe Hamperapp

Per pound laundry

Hamperapp offers the best wash and folds services. Place your order online or via our app and never do laundry again. We will weigh your clothes at your request. 

Hang Dry 

Looking to pay less for your laundry service. Save up to 20% every month. Subscribe to our month to month services. Same amazing services. Just pay less! For Subscription option please call us at  +1 (412) 927-4669

Hamperapp cares about your delicate clothes. We offer wash and hang dry option. We will still be washed with the amazing care but we will hang dry it for you.

Price Per pound $2.25

Laundry Delivery Service Fee?

Standard  Delivery 24hrs Turn around


Same Day  Delivery
Less 24hrs turn around

25% + Extra on Total

Popular Cities & Services

Wash and fold laundry service near me 

How to schedule?


Hamperapp Blog

What is a wash n Fold?

Finding a good laundry service can be difficult, but there are a couple of things to look for. One is how often they have to wash the clothes and the other is how much it costs. If you are going to get your clothes washed every week and it costs $2 per pound of clothes, then that might not be the best deal. You may want to find one that only needs you to wash your clothes once or twice per month with an average cost of $1.50 per pound.

How do you use wash and fold?

Are you looking for a place to wash clothes near you? With the Wash and Fold service, it is as easy as tapping a button and picking up your clean clothes. It is important to find a laundry service that is close to your home or work. The Wash and Fold service provides location-based searching, so finding the closest location will be quick and easy. You can book an appointment with your home or office address without needing to search through different locations across town. The services are available in most major cities around the world, so exploring new places has never been easier!

Does wash and fold separate colors?

Wash and fold is a service that has been in the industry for quite some time now, with many people opting to use this service to make their lives easier. While it can be difficult to find the best services in your area, hamperapp will help you with all of these difficulties by providing you with access to many different wash and fold options near you.

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