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To start ordering, just download our laundry  app. Register and set up your account & preferences.

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Select between our wash & fold, dry cleaning or laundry items services. Then, choose your best convenient time for pick up & drop off.

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In less than what you expect  you will receive  your clothes back at your doorstep, all fresh and folded with just using our laundry app.

Hamperapp is now in Sacramento and all the neighborhood around. We are the best Laundry Services app for you! Select or per pound laundry service and we will be right away at your door. So are you asking yourself what to expect from us? Simple, fresh and cleaned perfectly folded clothes. We offer our best wash & Fold service in Sacramento, But don't worry we also offer Wash & Dry Hang.  Are you Allergic or have Delicate Skin? Don't worry,  We offer different options for Detergent and softener. This service includes all garments. Do we charge for delivery? No, We provide daily free pick up and delivery in Sacramento. Don't wait and Order Now!

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  • Wash & Fold 

  • Regular t-shirts and Polos

  • Towels 

  • Sheets 

  • Socks 

  • Undergarment

* Questions? Call us at (412) 927 4669

Door to door laundry service Never felt so good

Trusted Sacramento Laundromat with the Best Laundry Service. Now With Modern Convenience & Perks

Extra time & money 

Have you ever asked yourself how much time and gas you spend driving to the dry cleaner or laundromat? We are here to tell you that is over! We have free pick up & drop off.

Easy & trustful payments

Process your payments safely under your own control directly from your smartphone and access to your order history at anytime.

Wash with experts

Every item sent to our dry cleaners and laundromats is on hands of professionals who will take care of your clothes with as much detail as possible.

Just few clicks to do laundry

With our subscription plan, you can set up your services and preferences only once and never worry about your laundry or dry cleaning again

24/7 Customer Service

We love to help you to get your clothes fresh and clean so we are here for you 24/7 for  any question, concern or suggestion.

Environmentally-responsible laundry

Keeping our planet safe is one of our missions, so we work with Eco- cruelty free products and recycle any container or bag that we can.

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Which is the best Sacramento Laundry app?


We know how time-consuming laundry can be, between the washer, dryer, dry cleaning driving, etc. Therefore, we decided to give you a forever break away from dirty clothes.
Hamperapp gets your laundry fresh, clean and perfectly organized delivered to your doorstep. With just some clicks you can schedule, and manage your pick up and drop off from anywhere.


Are you ready to start doing laundry with just your fingertips?


*Florida residents only.

*Only New Clients

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Are you taking your clothes to the  dry cleaner? We offer the best dry cleaning service in Sacramento  with free pickup and delivery. Save time and Enjoy your time with your love ones!

College Students and Parents! Hamperapp is here for you. We offer Student plans for your semester .   Lets us worry about  your laundry needs and  You on your  Classes.

Do you own a business? Focus on running day to day operations, we'll make sure that your laundry and linens are fresh and clean.

Do your manage Airbnb or Short Term Properties?  Hamperapp offer logistics solutions for multiple properties on your laundry needs! Need to have your linen Ready for your next visit? Hamperapp will have it ready for you!



This service was very helpful and convenient. The guy came out and picked up the laundry for dry cleaning. Good price compared to most of Sacramento. Highly recommended !!!

Jorge is the guy who helped me. 10/10 amazing service!!!!



Great fast service Alejandro Chang gave me fast and great information on their process. My suits came back quickly and felt newer than the day I bought them great application that was easy to use. The best part they came to pick them up and drop them off for me. Highly recommend hamperapp's service.



The app is so straightforward and easy to follow. Excellent service and quality. Better prices than many dry cleaners around this area. I clean all my clothes with them. They have all my information a d preferences, every time I need to wash my clothes I just open the app and after 2 clicks Hamperapp takes my order. Totally worth it!


Frequently asked questions

What is the best laundry service in Sacramento?

Hamperapp is the best laundry service in the United States. The quality of laundry service and customer service we offer is what enables us to stay ahead of our competition. And having built one of the best laundry & dry cleaning apps in the industry, we continue providing outstanding services to our customers on all fronts.

Do you like laundry delivery/pick-up services in sacramento?

Hamperapp believes in working for you and not the other way around! Our team has Morning Schedules and Afternoon Pickups. So, no matter how busy you are and how your schedules change, we can accommodate your delivery/pick-up accordingly.

Who takes care of my Garment?

We do. We are 100% responsible for your garment. Your garment is insurance and will be protected by our team members.

Hamperapp VS you local laundry?

Fight! Nooooo, we actually partner with some of the best local laundries and dry cleaning services in your area, because we believe in helping our local laundry and dry cleaning companies to the next step.

When are pick up and deliveries? Do I need to be house?

Our pick up and deliveries vary by area, but we pick up most of the days. Our normal schedule timings are: 8 am - 10 am/ 10 am - 12 pm / 6 pm - 8 pm/ 8 pm - 10 pm, You don’t need to be home for the pick-up or drop off. You could leave the laundry at the door or in your lobby!

Do I need to weight my clothes?

If you want, but our team member could weigh it for you. Our staff will have a portable scale in hand at all times to serve this purpose. So, you could weigh your clothes right when they arrive at your door for pick up. (Please remember, laundry items are not included for wash & fold services).

Do I need a Hamperapp bag to place an order?

You don’t, but don’t worry, when we return your garments, you will get a FREE bag from us, so you can use it the next time you use our services.

What is the differents bettween a Laundry Shirt & Dry Cleaning?

Easy! If you or your husband use the shirt for work and it is 100% COTTON, it is a laundry shirt. However, if your shirt is a bit costly than any regular office shirt, say over $50, we recommend you to use our dry cleaning option.

BONUS QUESTION ! I'm allergic, can I use Hamperapp Services?

Of course, because we use eco-friendly detergent as well as baby- or kid-friendly detergent and softener, so you don’t have to worry about allergies. Unfortunately, we cannot name the brand of the products for copyright reasons. If you have any questions, do write to us at

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We want to Welcome you to Hamperapp sacramento. The Hamperapp sacramento team is excited to provide you with the best service and care for your clothes. Our goal is to assure you get the best experience with our service and laundry app. If you for some reason are not happy with our service. Our team will take care of the situation and try to resolve it.  Be sure the team is ready for any question. We provide service in the neighborhood West Sacramento, Downtown Sacramento, Midtown Sacramento, East Sacramento, Gardenland, South Natomas, Tahoe, Arden-Arcade, Rosemont, Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, North Natomas, North Sacramento, Florin, Riverview, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Citrus Heights, Rio Linda and all sacramento. Now that you are saving time with Hamperapp. Now you can check out this sacramento news to be informed and some events you might help. Enjoy your free time!