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Having clean clothes every day can be therapeutic for some and a nightmare for others. With work, family, and social life taking up our time, it can be difficult to keep our schedules clean. That's where Hamperapp comes in. We take care of everything from picking up your clothes to ensuring that they are cleaned and neatly folded the way you want them.

Once everything’s done, You will receive a text. we’ll have your newly washed clothes clean delivered to your doorstep free of charge! Download our mobile app or order directly on our website for our comprehensive mobile laundry service.

Hamperapp is not your typical Laundry service. Our goal is for having your laundry cleaned, Fresh & ll return

Laundry service pickup and delivery

As a premier drop-off laundry service provider, there are many reasons why you should take advantage of our laundry services.

Here are 5 of the most common benefits:

  1. Our staff at Hamperapp can save you time by doing your laundry for you. This way, you can focus on more important things in your life.

  2. Our laundry pickup and delivery service is easy to use. Just contact us and we'll pick up your dirty clothes on time.

  3. Our mobile app makes it easy to get your clothes washed and folded. You can even subscribe to Hamperapp to save up to 20% each month.

  4. We hang dry your delicate clothing: Have you ever wondered, "Where can I find a wash and fold laundry service near me that takes care of delicate clothing?" If so, you've come to the right place.

  5. You can request to have your laundry weighed before pickup so you know how much to expect when it's delivered back. You'll also learn how much to pay when our Hamperapp staff arrives.

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Wash and fold
laundry service

We offer reliable time schedules for picking up your laundry and delivering it to your location at Hamperapp.

Each of our employees is trained and experienced in ensuring that our mobile laundry service will get your laundry to you at the right time every week, so we can always be there when you place an order.

IHamperapp is the best drop-off laundry service on the market today, so get in touch with us at +1 (412) Wash-Now or place your order online to get started with our laundry pickup and delivery program.



This service was great! The guy came out and picked up my laundry for dry cleaning. Good price compared to most of Miami. Highly recommended!!!



Alejandro Chang provided me with prompt and detailed information on their process. My suits came back quickly and felt fresher than the day I bought them. They were also able to pick them up and drop them off for me.



The app is so straightforward and easy to follow. Excellent service and quality. Better prices than many dry cleaners around this area. I clean all my clothes with them. Totally worth it!


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What are laundry services?

Some people find it difficult to devote their time to laundry. Doing laundry can take a lot of time, and there are many other tasks that need to be completed as well. This is why people often choose to use a wash and fold service. A wash and fold service is perfect for those who have full schedules, small children or pets, or just don’t like doing their own laundry! With this type of service, you can schedule pickup from your home or office at a set time. This allows you the peace of mind that your clothes will be clean when they arrive at the shop. The washing process includes every item in the hamper being hand-washed with warm water and detergent before being dried on high heat in an industrial dryer. Then each garment is sorted by size and color before being folded into neat piles ready to be delivered back home or back to work!

What are the different types of laundry services?

Wash and fold laundry service can be a convenient option for people who have busy schedules. It is also an excellent alternative to cleaning clothes on your own, which requires time, energy, and other resources. The caretakers at hamperapp.com are responsible for every aspect of the process, from sorting clothes to ensuring they are clean before returning them to their owners. This service saves time and energy that could otherwise be spent on doing laundry at home or taking it to a laundromat. The convenience of wash-and-fold laundry service is attractive to many people with busy schedules because they don't have the time or resources necessary for doing laundry themselves. The caretakers at hamperapp.com take care of every aspect of the process from sorting clothes to making sure they're clean before returning them back home with their owners

How much does laundry service?

Hamper's Laundry Service is a wonderful way to get the laundry done for you. For $30, you can have up to six items of clothes washed. This is a great money saver for those with tight budgets or those who just don't want to do the laundry themselves.

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