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How do Laundry Services Tag Customer Clothes?

For those of you who are wondering what a laundry tag is and how important it is for your clothing and the laundry service near me, this should give you the answer. It does not matter whether you have opted for a wash and fold laundry service or drop off laundry service, all companies use tags to streamline their dry cleaning procedure. Think of it as a way you’d organize your work or travel schedule. Some of the key particulars that might be present in a laundry tag include - customer name, order number, service particulars, due date, and other special instructions.Think of the tag as an identity for your clothes, which helps keep your favorite garments safe and delivered to you on a timely manner. Automated garment tagging technology has transformed the way laundry services implement tags.

Automated Tagging in Laundry Care

Manual tagging process is not only time consuming for large commercial dry cleaners, it is prone to mistakes as well. An employee literally spends under 5 minutes to manually write and fix the tag on a cloth, which is time consuming and waste of productivity for the company and employee. On top of that, there is every possibility for errors, and these reasons have made companies to start implementing automatic tagging using RFID tags and other modern tag techniques.

Dry cleaning companies have always tried to implement new and improved tagging and cloth management technologies in order to make the process for them and the customer a hassle-free one. Tagging customer clothes is equally important as delivering quality dry cleaning services, because tag is the connecting loop between the customer and his or her clothes.Laundry pickup and delivery service companies need to make sure that they implement the best cloth tagging process because only that will ensure smooth operation.

RFID Tagging System

RFID tagging technology improves inventory management to a great extent and eliminates even the slightest possibility of human error, which might affect the billing or laundry process in general. Commercial, large and premium dry cleaners are already using RFID tag system for efficiently managing their inventory. Efficiency in the form of speed and precision can be achieved by any laundry service simply by using this technology. One of the special aspects of RFID tags is that they are capable of withstanding all kinds of abuse, such as high temperatures, chemicals, sterilization, compression and all the different abuse that a cloth might be put through. RFID tags are compact, robust and flexible, making them the ideal choice for laundry service providers.

Laundry Service and Automated Tag

Automated tagging system is found to be one of the key success factors mainly for 24/7 laundry services. Laundry companies are able to achieve a lot of merits by implementing this system and they are able to generate more profits by improving customer satisfaction and business ratings. Let us list out some of the key advantages of an automated tag system:

  • Time management - RFID or automated tag system will take under 2 seconds to implement which improves operations efficiency by ten folds.

  • Tag gun - There is no need to fiddle around with a stapler and other fabric tag attachment tools, as all you need is a simple tag gun for fixing the tag on to the cloth.

  • Full information - There is no need to skip any particular just because of lack of space as you have the option of including complete list of particulars, which include company name, order number, customer identity, service requirement, barcode, garment specifics and due date. All of this information should be more than enough.

  • Cost effective - On top of it, this is one of the key benefits of using an automated tagging system and probably one of the main reasons why most of the laundry service providers use them in their daily operations.

Laundry service providers implement tagging for their customer clothes mainly for the above discussed reasons. The reason why several companies are shifting towards RFID and automated tagging systems is also discussed in detail. Hamperapp is one of those companies that make use of laundry tags to maintain efficiency in their operations pipeline.