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How Do I Fold Clothes and Organize My Laundry?

Laundry is one of the most frequent household chores in American homes, with over 100 million tons of laundry washed every year. Keeping our clothes bright and fresh is a top concern of our daily self-presentation to others, and proper laundering is the key to keeping our clothing beautiful.

Part of a strong laundry routine is putting clean clothes away correctly. Folding the clothes while they are still fresh keeps wrinkles and creases from setting in.

Keep reading for all you need to know about how to fold clothes to keep your clothes looking fabulous.


Shirts are one of the most important items to fold correctly, as they are often the first article of clothing that is noticed in an outfit. A wrinkly shirt is sure to grab attention.

Folding Shirts

For tee shirts, start by laying the shirt front-side down on a flat surface. Ensure the seams on either side of the shirt line up, and if your shirt has a collar, be sure it is laying flat.

Fold one side of the shirt towards the center of the shirt. The side of the shirt should overlap about one-third of the back and should line up with the neckline.

Then, fold the sleeve back towards the outside edge. If your sleeve is long, you can give it one more fold. Be sure your folds are crisp and the fabric stays taut. Repeat on the other side of the shirt.

Next, fold the shirt in half twice, so you have a snug rectangle that is easy to store. If your shirt is a bulky material, try folding your shirt two-thirds of the way up, and then fold down the remaining third.

For shirts with a collar, repeat this process but only fold the center once. You will want your collar to be facing up and neat, and the sleeves to be neatly tucked away. Dress shirts can have more sensitive materials, so be sure to press your material flat while folding.

Organizing Shirts

There are several different options when it comes to shirt storage. To increase drawer space, try organizing your folded shirts upright rather than stacking them! This allows you to see every shirt and helps maximize the depth of your drawers.

When it comes to dress shirts, the sideways-stacking method works great. Organizing the shirts sideways allows you to see exactly which dress shirt you need before heading to work. Be careful not to overstuff your drawers with dress shirts, as overpacking can lead to unintentional creases.

Another option is the rolling method of storage. Simply roll up your folded shirts and stack them horizontally. This trick also works great for packing luggage.


Folding pants is nice and easy! First, place your pants on a flat surface. Smooth any obvious creases out with your hands.

Fold your pants in half so the legs overlap one another. Make sure your waistband aligns. Then, fold the pants in half again, this time lengthwise.

One more lengthwise fold will get you a standard pant fold. For narrower storage, try folding the pants in thirds lengthwise on the last fold. Rolling also works well for pants; just make sure your seams stay aligned and any wrinkles are smoothed as you work.

To store pants, try the sideways-stacking method for organizing your drawers. This allows you to see all pairs of pants in a drawer while making use of space, so you can grab exactly the jeans you need without having to dig.

If you have available shelf space, jeans are sturdy enough to be made into neat stacks. Try organizing your pants by color and material so it is easy to find the exact pair you are looking for.


Though it may be tempting to throw small items like socks and underwear into a drawer unfolded, it saves space and time in the mornings to keep things organized from the get-go.

To fold underwear, begin by folding the pair into thirds towards the center vertically. You should have a longer rectangle. From the bottom, fold up to the top of the pair, leaving a neat square that is easy to stack and organize.

For longer boxers, you may need to add an extra fold. Rotate the pair so the long edge of the rectangle is facing you. Fold the pair in thirds towards the center, and you should be left with the same result.

Folding socks makes it easy and fast to find exactly the right pair you are looking for in the morning.

Lay the socks on top of one another, with both open ends aligned. Hold the socks by the open ends, with three of the edges in one hand and the remaining edge in the other hand. Turn the socks inside out, so one of the socks engulfs the other.

Tips to Fold Clothes Efficiently

Always fold and organize your laundry fresh out of the dryer. Allowing your laundry to sit in the hamper for a day or two can feel tempting, but your clothes will be set with wrinkles and not be as fresh when you go to wear them.

Keeping on top of your laundry can make the task seem less daunting. After all, if you have multiple loads of laundry waiting, getting started can seem insurmountable. Try to set a specific laundry day each week to run the wash so it is easier to keep on top of it.

If you are too busy to keep up with your laundry on a regimen, or simply do not want to, try out a laundry service! Laundry services can arrange to pick up and drop off your clothes at your door, professionally cleaned and folded. With a service, all you will have to do is organize your laundry.

Get on Top of Your Laundry Today

Folding and organizing laundry is essential for proper clothing maintenance. Folding keeps your clothes wrinkle-free, fresh, and ready to wear.

With a good laundry routine, it is easy to keep all of your clothing looking great through years of wear. Fold clothes after every wash to make sure your clothes look great every day.

For more information about laundry pickup services, download the hamperapp today!

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