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Hamperapp Laundromat: Complete Laundry Service for San Jose, California

How much time could you be saving by ordering laundry services from Hamperapp Laundromat? If you spend just two hours each week performing laundry tasks, that’s 104 hours a year. What could you do with an extra 104 hours?

Let Hamperapp Laundromat pickup, wash, dry, fold, and deliver your laundry! We serve customers throughout San Jose and Santa Clara County. From Sunnyvale to Lexington Hills, our coverage has expanded to include a wide range of communities, including:

  • Palo Alto

  • Cupertino

  • Mountain View

  • Saratoga

  • Gilroy

  • Milpitas

  • Campbell

  • Morgan Hill

  • Los Gatos

  • Fruitdale

  • Cambrian Park

  • Los Altos

  • Alum Rock

  • Loyola

  • East Foothills

  • Stanford

  • Llagas Uvas

  • Monte Sereno

  • San Martin

Explore our services and see why so many Santa Clara County residents are ordering complete laundry services from Hamperapp Laundromat.

Comprehensive Laundry Services for San Jose, CA, and Santa Clara County

Hamperapp offers premium laundry services at affordable pricing. Use your smartphone to schedule the services you need:

Free Pickup and Delivery Service

When you schedule laundry service from Hamperapp, you can expect free pickup and delivery. There’s no need to load up your vehicle with laundry bins filled with soiled clothing, towels, and bedding to deliver to our laundromat. Our skilled drivers will visit your Cupertino, Milpitas, or Los Altos home to pick up all of your laundry. Save money on gas as well as your time.

Our pickup and delivery drivers are highly organized. All of your laundry items will remain together and separate from other customers’ belongings. We are meticulous about our organization process. Just use your cell phone to schedule Hamperapp laundry pickups and deliveries. It’s that simple!

Sorting? No Problem!

When we tell our San Jose customers that we provide comprehensive laundry services, we really mean it! Of course, we sort your laundry for you. There’s no need for you to separate lights and darks. Just place your laundry items in your bin and we’ll take care of ALL the rest. Hamperapp’s laundromat technicians are laundering pros. No red socks are getting in hot water with your white sheets! We promise.


Hamperapp staff will wash your clothes according to direction. We take care to handle delicates separately, for example. Your clothes will NEVER be laundered with other customers’ clothing. We’ll wash your laundry according to your preferences. The fact is, we do laundry YOUR way. We wash clothing, delicates, linens, comforters–you name it! Tell us if you prefer scented or unscented detergent. We personalize our laundry services to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.


After your laundry has been washed, we’ll ensure that it’s thoroughly dried in our dryers. Or, if you prefer, we will even hang dry your clothing. Many customers prefer their delicates to be hang dried. Our team will make sure to dry your clothing according to your specifications.


Once your laundry is dry, we’ll carefully fold it and prepare your items for delivery. We definitely pair your socks! After we deliver your laundered items, all you’ll need to do is open the bag and put the items away.

Dry Cleaning

As a professional laundromat, Hamperapp also offers dry cleaning services. We routinely dry clean outerwear, formal attire, and items made from specialty fabrics like leather and suede. We know how important your clothing is to you. That’s why we handle all of your items with care.

When ordering laundering services from your smartphone or tablet, choose the services you’d like. Dry cleaning is a popular option. Our website includes our current dry cleaning price list. You’ll know ahead of time exactly what you can expect to be charged for our dry cleaning and professional laundry services. All dry cleaned items will be pressed or steamed for finishing depending on the material in question.

Missing button? We’ll fix it!

It’s not uncommon for customers to send in items for dry cleaning that have small issues such as a missing button or ground-in stains. We carefully inspect all items that are delivered to us. We can address these small issues to provide the ideal fix.

Hamperapp Commercial Laundry Services

Do you operate a hotel or AirBnB and need laundry services for your facility and guests? Contract with Hamperapp and we’ll manage all of your facility’s laundering needs. At our San Jose laundromat, we can accommodate large commercial orders that include items such as sheets, bedspreads, comforters, and draperies. Hamperapp’s commercial customers include:


Whether you operate a boutique hotel or budget motel, you know how important it is to provide your guests with clean laundry–bedding and towels. Hamperapp takes the hassle out of commercial laundry. We feature a large team of drivers who will pick up your facility’s items each week or as scheduled. Pickup and delivery are free with Hamperapp!


Ensure that your Mountain View or Alum Rock AirBnB guests always have clean laundry.

Wait–Does Hamperapp Offer AirBnB Cleaning Services?!

Did you know that Hamperapp also provides cleaning services for our AirBnB customers? Yes, that’s right! Sweeping, mopping, dusting, scouring–we now offer this commercial cleaning service to Santa Clara County, CA, AirBnB customers. Order cleaning services right from our convenient app when you order laundry pickup.

Salons and Spas

Your San Jose salon or spa is busy doing what it does best, so let Hamperapp manage your facility’s laundry needs for you. We can launder your towels, washrags, and other items each week, ensuring that you always have a clean supply of laundered items to serve your customers.


Let Hamperapp help you keep your restaurant’s tablecloths clean and stain free. Our customers include a wide range of Loyola, Palo Alto, and Stanford restaurants. We launder their tablecloths, staff aprons, and cloth napkins with reliable service.

Medical Facilities

Hamperapp serves San Jose, CA, medical and healthcare facilities with our commercial laundry solutions. From clinics and hospitals to nursing homes and rehab centers, our customers rely on us for our outstanding laundry service. Let our pros launder your healthcare facility’s sheets, pillowcases, scrubs, surgical towels, and more.

More Commercial Laundering Services

Do you run a business that requires staff to wear uniforms? Hamperapp offers uniform laundry services for business sectors such as automotive, warehouse, transportation, security, industrial, and more. We can provide precision care, laundering your uniforms as directed.

When you order commercial laundry services from Hamperapp, we can customize our laundry care and pickup/delivery service to accommodate your facility’s needs. Let us provide you with a free quote today.

Affordable Laundry Services in Santa Clara County, CA

Hamperapp is committed to maintaining our affordable pricing for both our individual and commercial customers. That’s why we continue to offer free laundry pickup and delivery service. It’s our way of thanking you for choosing our business.

When you order laundry service using our convenient app, you’ll be able to view our pricing models so you know exactly what you can expect to pay. When you order wash and fold service, for example, you’ll see that we charge by the pound. Our dry cleaning price list is also available on our website. When you order laundry services from Hamperapp, you can expect 100% satisfaction at a fair, affordable price. Compare our pricing with other operations and you’ll see why so many customers in and near San Jose continue to choose Hamperapp for all of their laundry and dry cleaning needs.