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Hamperapp in San Jose

Hamperapp offers professional laundry and dry cleaning service that comes with a free pickup and delivery.

San Jose, California - Hamperapp, a premium laundry, and dry cleaning delivery service, has launched its services in San Jose, California.

Hamperapp offers quality laundry and dry cleaning delivery service with app support. San Jose clients can install the app and make laundry orders directly from their apps.

After installing the app on their devices, clients proceed to create an account with the company where they enter their details and account preferences. The app allows them to select what service to order and choose a convenient pickup and drop-off time.

Hamperapp dry cleaning service allows clients to select the clothes they need dry cleaned straight from their app. The service provider provides an eco-high quality dry cleaning service. It also inspects garments for broken buttons and stains and fixes them for the client. The garments are also pressed and ready to wear by the time they are delivered.

The wash and fold service is a ‘per pound laundry’ where customers pay per pound weight. It weighs the clothes at the pickup point at the client’s request. Also, it separates whites from colored clothing and dark ones to prevent running colors from damaging other garments during the washing. Besides, Hamperapp does not mix one client’s clothes with other people’s clothing.

In addition, it offers a wash and hang dry option for clients who would like to have their clothes washed and hanged to dry on their behalf. In case any client is not satisfied with the result, the service offers to repeat washing or dry cleaning for free. Regular customers can save up to 20% on their laundry when they subscribe to month-to-month services. The service ensures that they have clean clothes all year round at a low cost for the premium service.

The standard delivery time is 24 hours from the pickup time. Customers do not pay extra for the delivery service as it is catered for in the washing service. However, clients can order same-day delivery at 25% extra on the total cost. This is a fast service for those who need their clothes cleaned urgently.

San Jose residents can visit the company website for more information about the app and download it. Then, they can order the service through the options provided by the app. This service is convenient, fast, and affordable for one-time wash or regular garment washing service.

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