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Now available in Miami and surrounding areas.

The world has been hit by a terrible disease that has caused an unprecedented impact on consumers’ health, the way of living, and caused businesses to shut down. There is a lot of uncertainty in the world today. Many cities and states have moved to shelter in place, and Front Line responders are doing everything to keep us safe. They are on the front lines ensuring our wellbeing and fighting the pandemic, while at times many of their family’s needs are not being taken care of.

Offer Details


Effective April 13th Hamperapp will introduce #hamperappcares to provide free laundry and dry cleaning to the immediate Family of Front Line Responders Medical (Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses, Hospital and Medical Staff, Medical Researchers), Police Officers, and Fire Fighters.



This offer is effective immediately through May 12, 2020. We will continually evaluate the duration of this offer. 


Front Line Responders – defined as Medical (Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses, Hospital and Medical Staff, Medical Researchers), Police Officers, Fire Fighters. Immediate Family defined as next of kin (e.g. share same household / address).


Procedure for Identification – Front driver’s Responders and Front Line Responders’ immediate family as proven by a photo identification from the Front Line Responders’ place of employment (e.g. Police Officer ID not the Police Officer’s driver’s license) or an image (e.g. picture of the Front Line Responders Photo ID on a phone) of the ID. Please share through closed window or text message image to Guest Services Representative.  (412) 927-4669

How it Works

How to prepare your order - We request that all Front Line Responders and Family members separate dry cleaning from laundry before we pick up – keeping dry cleaning and laundry separate will significantly help our ability to fulfill cleaning quickly. Please have your garments in a bag, a standard trash bag is acceptable. Limit of $50 credit per household per week. 


Exclusions – The following items are not accepted and/or included in the offer: COVID-19 exposed clothing (e.g. worn while directly treating patients), leathers, wedding dresses, alterations, and select household items.


Limits – At this time we are only able to give 15% off in any order credit per household.


*We are not able to accept garments or linens that are used in the field for hospitals or fire stations. We can launder these items on a separate and charged order.

Partnerships - If you want to create a partnership for your local hospital, fire department, or police station please fill out this form and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

Health and Safety

At Hamperapp, nothing is more important than ensuring the health and wellness of our employees and guests. In the current environment, it’s important for everyone to be more conscious of healthy and safe habits so that is why we want to proactively share details around the steps we are taking to ensure the safety of our team members and guests.


Our stores continue to have high standards for hygiene and sanitation. We have increased the frequency of cleaning our stores, countertops and other surfaces as precautionary measures. We’ve increased the frequency of employees washing their hands with soap and water and drying their hands with paper towels. Additionally, we use rubber gloves to handle garments. We are continuing to follow guidelines and recommendations set in place by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for all our locations and we will continue to update our proactive response plan accordingly. 


At Hamperapp, we are committed to using an extensive cleaning process for all garments to ensure an effective and professional clean. Our dry-cleaning process involves high temperatures and uses environmentally friendly technology. 

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