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To start ordering, just download our dry cleaning app. Register and set up your account & preferences.

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Select between our  dry cleaning Then, choose your best convenient time for pick up & drop off.

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In less than what you expect  you will receive  your clothes back at your doorstep, all fresh and iron with just using our Dry cleaning app

Dry Cleaner service near  Miami

Since 2017 Hamperapp has been committed to providing services that exceed our customers’ expectations, by offering full-service dry cleaning that is always ready on time, paying close attention to detail, and providing excellent service by friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care Specialists. Our App Amazing Dry Cleaning app system has your name on it, guaranteeing your garments won’t be misplaced. Trust Hamperapp to clean and hand finish your designer or everyday garment. Our cleaning process uses the most advanced dry cleaning techniques and detergent. The result? Garments that look better and last even longer.

  • Business and Collared Shirts

  • Special Fabric Shirts

  • Suits

  • Dresses 

  • Wedding Dresses

  • Slacks, dress pants and skirts

  • Formal attire

* Questions? Call us at (412) 927 4669

Dry Cleaning in Miami, Never felt so good

Trusted Miami  Dry Cleaner near you, Now With Modern Convenience & Perks

Extra time & money 

Have you ever asked yourself how much time and gas you spend driving to the dry cleaner or laundromat? We are here to tell you that is over! We have free pick up & drop up.

Easy & trustful payments

Process your payments safely under your own control directly from your smartphone and access to your order history at anytime.

Wash with experts

Just few clicks to do Dry Cleaning

Every item sent to our dry cleaners and laundromats is on hands of professionals who will take care of your clothes with as much detail as possible.

With our subscription plan, you can set up your services and preferences only once and never worry about your laundry or dry cleaning again

24/7 Customer Service

We love to help you to get your clothes fresh and clean so we are here for you 24/7 for  any question, concern or suggestion.

Environmentally-responsible laundry

Keeping our planet safe is one of our missions, so we work with Eco- cruelty free products and recycle any container or bag that we can.

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Which is the best Dry Cleaner app in miami?


We know how time-consuming laundry can be, between the washer, dryer, dry cleaning driving, etc. Therefore, we decided to give you a forever break away from dirty clothes.
Hamperapp gets your laundry fresh, clean and perfectly organized delivered to your doorstep. With just some clicks you can schedule, and manage your pick up and drop off from anywhere.


Are you ready to start doing laundry with just your fingertips?

15% OFF


*Florida residents only.

*New Client only

Explore what other Hamperapp services we offer in Miami.

Laundry service 


Laundry Day?  Let's do the hard work for you. We love doing laundry and we offer free pickup and delivery. 

Miami Best wash and fold services.

College Laundry Service

Commercial Laundry & Linen Service

Airbnb Laundry Service

College Students and Parents! Hamperapp is here for you. We offer Student plans for your semester .   Lets us worry about  your laundry needs and  You on your  Classes.

Do you own a business? Focus on running day to day operations, we'll make sure that your laundry and linens are fresh and clean.

Do your manage Airbnb or Short Term Properties?  Hamperapp offer logistics solutions for multiple properties on your laundry needs! Need to have your linen Ready for your next visit? Hamperapp will have it ready for you!

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This service was very helpful and convenient. The guy came out and picked up the laundry for dry cleaning. Good price compared to most of Miami. Highly recommended !!!

Jorge is the guy who helped me. 10/10 amazing service!!!!



Great fast service Alejandro Chang gave me fast and great information on their process. My suits came back quickly and felt newer than the day I bought them great application that was easy to use. The best part they came to pick them up and drop them off for me. Highly recommend hamperapp's service.



The app is so straightforward and easy to follow. Excellent service and quality. Better prices than many dry cleaners around this area. I clean all my clothes with them. They have all my information a d preferences, every time I need to wash my clothes I just open the app and after 2 clicks Hamperapp takes my order. Totally worth it!


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