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Dear Hamper community,

We are just providing this information to support the actual situation and to let you know that we are giving our best to keep you and our community safe. We have been following strict hygiene procedures related to



We highly suggest to read and constantly update yourself with the following official information of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Additionally, here are some of the guidelines and procedures we are committing to:


  • With our customers: As you may already know, we offer different delivery options for your convenience, between these you can select between the "at the door" , "lobby" or "in person" option. If you want to reduce human contact or touch-points, we encourage to select our "at the door" option.


  • With our team: We are seriously thinking about our team, therefore we are constantly checking sanitation procedures and advising them to stay home if any symptom show up.


  • With our partners: We are also in constant contact with our partners just to make sure there is a high standard sanitation with each facility. For Hamperapp, it is very important to increase the frequency of cleaning every facility and have the appropriate handling supplies such as gloves and disinfectants.


We are devoted with our community so we will continue monitoring and implementing every step or guidance. 


If you have any accommodation necessity, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at any moment.


Wishing you always the best,

Hamperapp Team
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