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Medical Laundry Service

Healthcare Sheets and Pillowcases, Surgical Towels, & Scrubs

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Why Hamperapp Medical Laundry Service?

Trusted Local Service, Now With Modern Convenience & Perks

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Extra time & money 

Have you ever asked yourself how much time and gas you spend driving to the dry cleaner or laundromat? We are here to tell you that is over! We have free pick up & drop up.

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Wash with experts

Every item sent to our dry cleaners and laundromats is on hands of professionals who will take care of your clothes with as much detail as possible.

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Just few clicks to do laundry

With our subscription plan, you can set up your services and preferences only once and never worry about your laundry or dry cleaning again

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Easy & trustful payments

Process your payments safely under your own control directly from your smartphone and access to your order history at anytime.

24/7 laundry service

24/7 Customer Service

We love to help you to get your clothes fresh and clean so we are here for you 24/7 for  any question, concern or suggestion.

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Environmentally-responsible laundry

Keeping our planet safe is one of our missions, so we work with Eco- cruelty free products and recycle any container or bag that we can.

Medical Commercial Linen Laundry Service

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Why are Medical Laundry Services Important?
A medical/healthcare facility is one place where hygiene is of extreme importance, and this in turn makes medical laundry services essential. From pillowcases to sheets to scrubs and surgical towels, every single piece of cloth used by both medical staff and patients should be cleaned on a regular basis and maintained hygienically. And for any medical facility, outsourcing their cleaning needs to a reliable medical laundry service provider would be the best option, both to get work done as well as save money.

Here is how Hamperapp, as a medical laundry service company, can be helpful:

We Deliver
As a professional medical laundry service company, Hamperapp delivers every single time. When you schedule a pick-up with us, we will make sure that our representatives are at your facility at the specified time, pick up the laundry, clean them, and deliver them back at the discussed time.

We Use Efficient Cleaning Products
When it comes to medical laundry, it is crucial to keep everything completely clean and pristine, which is possible only with the use of the right and efficient cleaning products. At Hamperapp, we use industry grade cleaning products to clean all medical laundry, thereby making sure that no infections or diseases spread. As a result, you can reuse the linen in your medical facility without any concern about your patients, staff members, or anybody else feeling unsafe.

We Help You Save Valuable Time
As the owner, manager, or supervisor of a medical facility, your time is highly valuable, as you would have a lot of important daily tasks to take care. By using our medical laundry service, you can eliminate the need to run an in-house laundry operation, which will not only consume your valuable time but will also present you with new challenges to deal with. With Hamperapp’s medical laundry service, you get to save time, because we will take care of the laundry process from the start to finish.

We Get the Work Done Quickly
At Hamperapp, we guarantee the timely delivery of your laundry. No matter the size of your medical laundry load, we will make sure that the items are laundered and returned to your facility within the accepted time frame, which guarantees that you will not run out of linen at any point in time.

Join over 10,000 people across the nation that trust Hamperapp with their  dry cleaning & laundry.

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