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Commercial laundry service Lighthouse Point, Florida

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Scheduling 24/7

7 Days a Week Service

Free Pick up & Delivery 

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Towel Laundry Service Lighthouse Point, Florida

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Spa, Gyms, Salons, Cleaning

Restaurant Laundry Service Lighthouse Point, Florida


Tablecloths, Towels, Aprons, Napkins, Mats

Airbnb Cleaning Service Lighthouse Point, Florida

Home Decor

Linen service, Cleaning service, customize pick up service, 24/7 customer service

Facility Service Lighthouse Point, Florida

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Floor Mats, Restroom Services

Uniform Cleaning Service Lighthouse Point, Florida

Healthcare laundry service Lighthouse Point, Florida

Janitors in Uniforms

Automotive, Business, Industrial, Security and Work Wear

Cleaning Hospital Room

Healthcare Sheets and Pillowcases, Surgical Towels, & Scrubs

Hotel Laundry service Lighthouse Point, Florida

Hotel Room

Bed Linens, Bath Towels, Robes, Employee Uniforms

Why Hamperapp Commercial Linen Service?

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Extra time & money 

Have you ever asked yourself how much time and gas you spend driving to the dry cleaner or laundromat? We are here to tell you that is over! We have free pick up & drop up.

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Wash with experts

Every item sent to our dry cleaners and laundromats is on hands of professionals who will take care of your clothes with as much detail as possible.

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Just few clicks to do laundry

With our subscription plan, you can set up your services and preferences only once and never worry about your laundry or dry cleaning again

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Easy & trustful payments

Process your payments safely under your own control directly from your smartphone and access to your order history at anytime.

24/7 laundry service

24/7 Customer Service

We love to help you to get your clothes fresh and clean so we are here for you 24/7 for  any question, concern or suggestion.

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Environmentally-responsible laundry

Keeping our planet safe is one of our missions, so we work with Eco- cruelty free products and recycle any container or bag that we can.

Commercial linen laundry service Lighthouse Point, Florida

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Hamperapp service specializes in commercial linen services for all types of businesses, ranging from Restaurants, Spas, Medical Establishments and Hotels. Since 2017 we’ve been servicing all of United States. 

Hamperapp Service is the leader in linen services for commercial businesses and one of the few linen service providers that have spanned over 10 years in business! Call us today and inquire about our Free Quote and Service.

What is the meaning of commercial laundry?

Hamper App is a laundry service that offers pick-ups and drop-offs. They provide their clients with an eco-friendly monthly subscription, which includes everything from detergent to dryer sheets. Hamper App has been in business for over 99 years and has recently expanded their services to include residential laundries.

What are the different types of laundry services?

As a commercial laundry company operating out of United states , we are committed to providing the highest quality service and customer satisfaction. Commercial Laundry Services USA At HamperApp, we provide commercial laundry services to a wide array of clients across the country. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have developed a reputation for providing high-quality service with unmatched customer satisfaction. We specialize in cleaning all types of fabrics including silk and cotton – no matter how delicate or tough it may be! In addition to our excellent services, HamperApp takes great pride in our competitive pricing that is guaranteed to fit your budget.

What is commercial laundry in housekeeping?

If you live in the USA area, you may be looking for commercial laundry services. Hamper App provides local businesses with a unique way to keep up on their laundry by providing them with a convenient mobile app. Using this app, clients can have their dirty clothes picked up, laundered and delivered back to them within 24 hours. This cuts down on the time it would take for these companies to do their own laundering or schedule a pickup of dirty clothes from an outside service. It also saves companies money because they are not paying someone else to do this work while they could be using that time and money elsewhere in the company. Hamper App is also great for small businesses without large budgets who don’t have room for a full-time laundress on staff. If your business falls into this category, don't worry! You can still enjoy some of the benefits of Hamper App by signing up for our scheduled service which allows us to send out your clothes at specific times each week or month depending on your needs. With our competitive prices and quality service there's no need to go anywhere else!

Join over 10,000 people across the nation that trust Hamperapp with their  Commercial Laundry Service 

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