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Dry Cleaners & Launder Press in Miami

Looking for a high-quality dry cleaning service? We are here for you! From dirty and wrinkled to clean, pressed, and hanged. Our process includes following each label and taking care of every piece you trust us. Just sit down and relax, we do the rest.

What is Hamperapp Dry Cleaning Service?

  • We will provide Eco High-quality Dry Cleaning Service.  

  • We will inspect your garment from stain, broken buttons & unknow garment and will fix it for you.

  • We will Pick up your dry cleaning items even always on time.

  • Best affordable dry cleaning services with the best turn around time.

Hamperapp Pricing vs Miami local cleaner



Dry cleaner shirt .jpg

Dry Cleaner



2 piece sut.jpg

2-Piece Dress / Skirt Suit


2 piece dress.jpg

2-Piece Dress Suit


blouse dry cleaner.jpg



plain dress.jpg

Plain Dress




polo: t-shirt.jpg

Polo / T-shirt


pants jeans.jpg

Pants/ Jeans



Scarf/ Shawl








*Free Delivery

*Service charge 10%

Laundry Delivery Service Fee?

Standard  Delivery 24hrs Turn around


Same Day  Delivery

Less 24hrs turn around

25% + Extra on Total

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